As Bitcoin (BTC) continued to rise after reaching a significant $ 10,000 level on Sunday and reaching $ 11,000 on Monday, a number of metrics show how much interest in the most popular currency has increased in the last few days.
Volume of trade
On Monday, it reached $ 32.5 billion, today it is already $ 31.8 billion. By comparison, for almost every Joule, it ranged from $ 10 million to $ 15 billion. However, the recent peak is still lower than it appeared on the market in May this year.
Bitcoin Rally Snapshot to $ 11,000 $ 102
Bitcoin is flowing
Yesterday’s rise in prices also led to an influx of Bitcoin before the crypto exchange. It experienced its biggest one-day gain in 134 days, rising from 68,970 BTC to 130,000 BTC, according to blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis.

Bitcoin stock photography for $ 11,000 to $ 103
BTC delivery
Meanwhile, after selling more BTC last week than it was set up last week, it seems the miners have started paying more money.

Bitcoin Rally Snapshot is $ 11,000 104 dollars
Source: ByteTree, 11:11 UTC
The bears are here again
Also, Bitcoin network analytics indicate that stocks may have been overstated, from analytics provider IntoTheBlock’s short content “active signals” pointing to a slightly deeper view of the cryptocurrency.

In total, there are several other metrics where new wallet growth has increased – the so-called. “Net growth of the network” and implementation of large transactions in the network is lower.